Leatimua Is A Colorado Sleeper

The 2015 Fountain- Fort Carson (CO) athlete D.J. Leatimua is a prospect that could make some noise this fall...

Going into the All-Poly weekend I was told to keep an eye on a quarterback from Fountain, Colorado. I spent the entire weekend looking for a QB with the last name Leatimua, but had no success. On the last day, I was watching Osa Masina dominate the competition when I noticed an impressive looking linebacker making just as many plays as the five-star linebacker. The linebacker turned out to D.J. Leatimua, which explained a lot.

"I play quarterback, inside backer, outside backer, it doesn't matter to me, I'll play wherever," Leatimua explained with a smile. "I wish you knew I was playing linebacker at All Poly. I killed it every day. Our team out there was stacked. I was playing in the middle with Osa and Gabe Sewell playing outside backer. Boogie (Laussi Sewell) was our defensive tackle. It was an unstoppable team as you saw on Sunday."

Leatimua was the top performing middle linebacker at the camp and walked away with the MVP honors. He showed an uncanny ability to stuff the run. Anything that came through the A or B gaps were quickly devoured by 6-3 245 pound linebacker.

"I love playing quarterback, but man, I think I was created to play linebacker," Leatimua claimed. "I love flying around the field and hitting people. I think I am particularly good at getting penetration in the backfield. I am good at getting to the quarterback and running back before anyone else. I am also comfortable in pass coverage, being a QB I think I can read the opposing offenses really well."

Brigham Young, Washington, and Utah all spent some time one on one with Leatimua at All Poly. He doesn't have any offers yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up a few during the season.

"I heard from a handful of schools at All Poly," Leatimua said. "BYU, Washington, and Utah were the main three there. Before that, I heard a lot from Colorado State, Eastern Washington, Northern Colorado, and a few other local schools. I just need to ball out this fall and I think I should see some offers. I think we have a great team, and I am comfortable on both sides of the ball. We'll see what happens, but I'm excited."

At 6-3 245, Leatimua is an impressive athlete. There is a good chance he ends up growing into a defensive end. With his speed and instincts, he could grow into a solid D1 pass rusher.

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