Coach Speak: Arnold On Daniels

Iowa landed three-star center James Daniels this past week, and the Warren Harding lineman is one of the top players in Ohio. His coach, Steve Arnold, spoke about his highly rated player.

Warren Harding head football coach Steve Arnold has spent several years at the school coaching both football and basketball for the Raiders.

Arnold was on hand last Thursday when his star center James Daniels committed to Iowa at the high school. He spoke about how much Daniels has meant to the Raider program.

"James has meant a great deal to our football program, and to me personally," Arnold stated. "He is a quality young man, on and off the field, and I appreciate that so much. He is a high character kid from a great family, and that means so much."

"As a football player, he's a very hard working young man, so when you combine hard work with talent, and add in his intelligence, you have one heck of a football player," he added.

Daniels has been a starter since his freshman season, so the Hawkeyes will be getting a very experienced football player.

"They don't come any better than James as an offensive lineman," Arnold continued. "He moves well and has very long arms. He also has the mentality where he wants to punish people out on the field."

"He is an excellent football player, but I expect the most from the best so I'm going to ride him a lot this year as a senior," he said. "He can still get better, and it's my job to see that he does get better."

Arnold obviously sees Daniels having an impact on the Iowa program and having success as a Hawkeye.

"He fits the Iowa system extremely well, and they have a great reputation for producing offensive linemen," Arnold stressed. "Coach (Kirk) Ferentz is known for coaching offensive linemen going back many years. With Alabama, Ohio State or Iowa, James couldn't have made a bad decision, so I think he will do great at the next level."

An interesting family dynamic is that Daniels' brother, LeShun Jr., is a runningback for Iowa, while his father, LeShun Sr., played for Ohio State. The Daniels family was noted by Arnold several times in discussing the player's future.

"It's a special thing to be able to block for your brother," Arnold explained. "This is a very close family, so that played a huge part. LeShun is the same type of kid as James, and they don't get any better. I credit the parents totally for how great their boys are."

"Having these type of kids, and being around this type of family makes my job as their coach a lot easier," he concluded.

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