Zero In On The Fall Frog Migration

As temperatures drop this amphibian migration can pave the way to the biggest walleyes of the year.

Devils Lake, North Dakota-based guide Jason Feldner lets the frog out of the bag on a sleeper, old-school technique for catching walleyes in the fall. 

Typically following the first frost of the year, frogs will start migrating from wooded areas toward water, where they'll burrow into the mud for the winter. Soft-bottomed bays are typically a good area to look, but anywhere frogs enter the water can be key.

Pods of walleyes will often cruise up and through weeds into super-shallow water within a couple feet from shore and wait to intercept the forage. When fishing walleyes during the day, focus on the inside weedline, as well as patches of bulrushes, cattails and pencil reeds.

And nighttime is definitely the right time for fishing frogs in the fall. Utilize Jason's jig head and stinger hook, Lindy rig or even a lighted slip float with a large live bait hook, egg sinker and swivel. If you've never fished frogs for walleyes in the fall, this year should be your start!


Learn more about fall walleye fishing on Devils Lake, North Dakota

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