#WomanCrushWed: The Qimmah Russo Workout

Qimmah Russo—collegiate basketball player, fitness goddess, and our #WCW—lets us know how she keeps her body on point.

Name: Qimmah Russo

Age: 20

Location: California

Years Training: 4 yrs

Height: 5'4"

What sparked your interest in health and fitness?

I grew up in an athletic household. Dad went to college for baseball, mom played field-hockey and my brother played football and we ran track together. I began playing sports in grade school, and by the time I reached high school, parents and other kids started approaching me to give them training and health advice.

What inspires you to go out and work out everyday?

The way it makes me feel everyday. I feel confident, strong, happy, healthy and free. I constantly have the desire to take care of my health, because I love myself and am grateful for the body I have been given and the life that I am living.

What made you decide to catalog your fitness journey online?

I was just being myself, putting up photos about my life. Then people started emailing me for fitness advice and training, and it blew up from there.

What specific exercises do you like to focus on in the gym?

The entire body. I prefer to work out Bootcamp style.

And you play basketball?

Yes, I'm the starting point guard for my team.

What do you think more people should do when at the gym?

Make sure you keep great form and, most importantly, go hard. It's important to eat a healthy meal and hydrate beforehand. Don't forget to stretch and leave time for mental preparation!

What is your diet like?

I don't believe in diets. My meal plans are a lifestyle change and were designed to be easy to maintain for a lifetime.

What is your workout schedule?

I work out three times a day in all different ways. I will have a Bootcamp workout at the gym with my clients, and we do everything from three sets of 15 squats, lunges and curl to an array of stomach/core exercises and cardio. Then I head to the weight room before basketball practice with the team. We do three sets of 15-20 medium weight for arms legs and core. At basketball practice, we do a lot of running and basketball-specific type exercises. We sprint and dribble for a few hours. It's all very fun for me. I get a great workout, and and when its time for bed, I sleep like a baby!

Do you have any interests outside of the gym?

Going out to dinner with friends and family. I love playing with my kitties, creating videos and listening to music.

Follow Qimmah Russo on Instagram: @qimmahrusso

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