Monday Motivation: The MLB Fitbit Challenge

Spring Training started early for MLB stars Dee Gordon and Hunter Pence, thanks to the Fitbit Celebrity Challenge. Read on to learn their secrets for staying in shape. (Hint: Load up on kale.)

Fitbit has organized a week-long Celebrity Challenge to raise money for the American Heart Association. San Francisco's Hunter Pence and Miami's Dee Gordon are facing off against each other this week to see who can clock the most steps over a five-day period. The winner of the Challenge will have $10,000 donated in their name to the American Heart Association. The two stars took time to talk to us about their off-season training, how they fuel their workouts, and how they plan on knocking this Challenge right out of the park!

What’s your typical workout regime in the off-season? What about during spring training?

Dee: During the beginning of the off-season I train once a day, and the last two months before Spring Training I bump it up to twice a day. My workouts before and during Spring Training usually include lifting weights, hitting in the cages, and fielding drills.

Hunter: There’s a lot of strength training involved during both the off-season and Spring Training. Weight lifting, batting practice, and outfield drills make up the bulk of my workout routine.

What are your favorite types of workouts/exercises?

Hunter: I enjoy many different kinds of workouts, so it’s really hard to just pick a couple. It’s important not to focus too much on one area, so I like to do full-body workouts.

Dee: Any kind of upper body workouts are definitely my favorite.

Aside from baseball, what other ways to you stay fit, active and healthy?

Dee: Before baseball, I loved playing basketball. Now I really enjoy being active outside with training games, especially box drills to improve my agility. Eating right and staying hydrated are really important for me to stay healthy throughout the season too.

Hunter: Baseball and training are the main ways I stay fit, but I also love spending time playing with my nieces and nephews outside. Eating smart is the key for me staying healthy and energized all year-long. Mental health is also important to me, so I really enjoy reading.

What are your go-to foods to fuel your body?

Hunter: I like to eat balanced meals with any kind of vegetables and fatty proteins that will help fuel my body. And, of course, kale!

Dee: Steak and veggies!

During the week of the Fitbit Challenge, what will you do to stay active and make sure you win?

Hunter: I think I’ll give my scooter a rest and use my feet instead!

Dee: I’m going to run around as much as possible…even inside my apartment!

Keep up with the daily results by using #FitbitforAHA on social media. You can also support Dee and Hunter by contributing a $1 donation under the celebrity’s name while adding 10 steps to their Challenge step total at Fitbit Celebrity Challenge.

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