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New Ticket Website Rewarding Fans of Bad Teams launches Friday and refunds fans when their home team loses by a certain margin.

The Atlanta BravesPhiladelphia 76ers and Cleveland Browns share a common theme even though they compete in three different sports--they either had or are having dreadful seasons, particularly on their home court or field.

While racking up losses isn't fun for the players, fans pay the real price, shelling out hard earned cash to see loss after disappointing loss.

But thanks to ticket website GameHedge, fans can now be rewarded for their beloved team's woes.

The New York-based company offers a 50 percent refund--the Good Game Guarantee--on tickets if the home team loses by a certain amount of points or runs. For now, the offer is only for MLB games and is in effect when the home team loses by five or more runs.

Warren Friss, founder of GameHedge, plans to extend the offer to NBA, NFL and NHL fans at a later date.

At NBA and NFL contests, fans would receive the refund for a loss of 15 or more points, while the threshold for the NHL has yet to be determined. Friss decided that one in eight games would qualify for the offer.

"...I’ve been thinking the last couple of years that fans should really get something back when things don’t go their way," Friss said in an interview with USA TODAY Sports.

Friss' thoughts were strengthened by a personal experience. As he watched a game between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals, he noticed a feeling of emptiness in the moment as the home Mets were down 9-1 in the third inning, according to USA TODAY Sports.

"You’re walking out of the stadium after spending big money, and all you hear is, 'Thanks for coming. Drive safely. See you tomorrow,’" Friss said in the interview.

As GameHedge launches, fans of perennial bottom feeders, even though they may be treated to their fair share of losses, may feel that emptiness in their hearts but won' have to in their wallets.


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