Jordan Hicks's Rest of Season Value is Surprising


As of 6/23, Jordan Hicks is the #14 ranked reliever based on ownership percentage (85%). With a lower market rank than projection rank, consider Jordan Hicks to be undervalued. His fantasy reliever projection rank is #10. Even as an established quality fantasy option, if he lives up to projections he is still undervalued and there could be an opportunity to buy 'low'. Owners should hold onto him and probably decline offers unless there is an even better reliever option available. He is projected for 137 fantasy points in 38 remaining games. He has a lower rank (#14) based on projected fantasy average. The market ranks Jordan Hicks behind Smith and above Neris but the projections rank Jordan Hicks over Smith.

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Lower Own%J. Hicks ROSHigher Own%
W. Davis (140 FP)137 FPW. Smith (110 FP)
#14 RelieverB. Treinen (120 FP)
K. Yates (132 FP)
S. Greene (76 FP)
F. Vazquez (120 FP)
Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
137 (#10) 
19 (#10) 
2 (#186)
38 (#65)
15 (#51)
3.09 (#59)


In week 14 rankings vs other relievers instead of Hicks consider these better options at lower start percentages: Wade Davis (10.2 FP), Greg Holland (9 FP), and Ken Giles (9.4 FP). He is projected for more points than 2 other relievers starting in more leagues: Shane Greene (4.9 FP) and Felipe Vazquez (6 FP). Starting in 70% of leagues he is expected to produce 8.2 fantasy points (WK 14). Week 14 market expectations match his projection. He is expected to be the #14 reliever (projected to be #14).

Lower Start%J. Hicks WK 14Higher Start%
W. Davis (10 FP)8 FPS. Greene (5 FP)
G. Holland (9 FP)#14 RelieverF. Vazquez (6 FP)
K. Giles (9 FP) 

He is projected for 8.2 fantasy points in week 14 (#14 RP) in 4 games.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
8.17 (#14) 
1.11 (#15) 
0.1 (#204)
2.23 (#93)
0.87 (#76)

  • Based on 6/23 start percentages, Jordan Hicks is valued behind Greene and above Colome but the projections rank Jordan Hicks over Greene in week 14.
  • Jun 25Jun 26Jun 28Jun 29Jun 30
    1.3 FP vs OAK1.7 FP vs OAK1.7 FP @SD1.6 FP @SD2 FP @SD


    He has averaged 8.3 fantasy points per week and had 6 weeks where he exceeded that by 50% and 4 'bad' weeks where he came up 50% short of his average.

    WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
    ALL8.3 FP per Week64
    Week 1-7.7 (2 games -3.8 per game)-16
    Week 217.8 (2 games 8.9 per game)+9.5
    Week 313.8 (2 games 6.9 per game)+5.5
    Week 415.5 (2 games 7.8 per game)+7.2
    Week 522.7 (4 games 5.7 per game)+14.3
    Week 68.5 (1 games)
    Week 71.7 (2 games 0.8 per game)-6.7
    Week 8-8.8 (2 games -4.4 per game)-17.2
    Week 91 (2 games 0.5 per game)-7.3
    Week 1013.8 (3 games 4.6 per game)+5.5
    Week 118.5 (1 games)
    Week 1216 (2 games 8 per game)+7.7
    Week 135.3 (4 games 1.3 per game)