Freddie Freeman's Rest of Season Value is Surprising

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Of the 8 1B/DHs that are 100% owned, Freddie Freeman is projected to be the best fantasy player for the rest of the season. According to these projections his value is rising slightly. He is projected for 244 fantasy points in 69 remaining games. He has a lower rank (#3) based on projected fantasy average. The market ranks Freddie Freeman behind Bell and above Alonso but the projections rank Freddie Freeman over Bell.

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Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
244 (#1) 
Avg0.31 (#1) 
OPS0.954 (#3) 
Home Runs 
14 (#11)
Runs47 (#1) 
47 (#7) 
Stolen Bases 
3 (#6) 
55 (#31)

His value increases in leagues where winning specific categories is important because he has more relative strengths than weaknesses.


His market rank based on start percentage among 1B/DHs for the rest of week 16 is #4, which is less than his market rank of #3. When compared to other 1B/DHs in week 17 J.D. Martinez (24.2 FP) is projected for more points and is starting in fewer leagues. Starting in all virtually all leagues he is expected to produce 24.2 fantasy points (WK 17). Week 17 market expectations match his projection. He is expected to be the #2 1B/DH (projected to be #3).

He is projected for 23.5 fantasy points in week 17 (#3 1B/DH) in 7 games.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
23.52 (#3) 
Avg0.308 (#3) 
0.837 (#4) 
Home Runs 
1.31 (#15)
Runs4.54 (#3) 
4.56 (#4) 
Stolen Bases 
0.31 (#5) 

  • Based on 7/12 start percentages, Freddie Freeman is valued behind Bellinger and above Bell but the projections rank Freddie Freeman over Bellinger in week 17.
  • Jul 15Jul 16Jul 17Jul 18Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21
    4.3 FP @MIL3.2 FP @MIL3.7 FP @MIL3.2 FP vs WAS2.6 FP vs WAS3 FP vs WAS3.6 FP vs WAS

    Freddie Freeman last five game log with fantasy points (CBS, FD, DK) and statline.

    7/7 vs MIA4 FP, 13 FD, 9 DK1-3, 1 RBI, 1 R, 1 BB
    7/6 vs MIA2 FP, 6 FD, 5 DK1-4, 1 RBI
    7/5 vs MIA4 FP, 12 FD, 9 DK1-3, 1 R, 1 BB
    7/4 vs PHI8 FP, 28 FD, 21 DK2-5, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 2 R
    7/3 vs PHI2 FP, 9 FD, 7 DK1-4, 2 R


    DRAFTKINGS VALUE (7/12): Freddie Freeman is underrated on DraftKings with a projected 9.8 DK pts (#1 among first basemen). He is the #3 highest priced first basemen ($5000). Based on the projection, Freeman is worth $5.7K. He is projected for more points than 2 higher priced options: Matt Olson (8.1 FP) and Yulieski Gurriel (7.4 FP). Based on salary, he is expected to have 8.6 FPs, a value reached in 110 of 256 games (43%). The combined 'cover percentage' for first basemen expected to start is 35%.

    FANDUEL VALUE: Freeman is not the best option on FanDuel with a projected 13.2 FD pts (#3 among third basemen). At $4300 he is expected to be the #2 C/1Bs. Using the salaries and projected points for healthy players in in today's pool to calculate expected points per dollar, Freeman is worth $4.8K. Pete Alonso is also priced at $4300, and Freeman is a better option at this price. Daniel Vogelbach (13.2 FP) is projected for more points at a lower salary. Based on salary, he is expected to have 11.7 FPs, a value reached in 112 of 256 games (44%). The combined 'cover percentage' for third basemen expected to start is 43%.

    Freeman is NOT in the SportsLine DraftKings optimal lineup or the FanDuel optimal lineup which are based on the computer model's projection. also offers premium optimal lineups from Mike McClure, a professional DFS player who has over $1 million in career winnings. He uses his own proprietary model to find great DFS values and often differs from the computer in how a player is projected to play on a daily basis.


    Out of 15 fantasy weeks he had one where he was +50% above his weekly average of 24 fantasy points. He had one bad week where he came up 50% below average.

    WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
    ALL24 FP per Week11
    Week 113.5 (3 games 4.5 per game)
    Week 227.5 (6 games 4.6 per game)
    Week 318 (6 games 3 per game)
    Week 421 (6 games 3.5 per game)
    Week 528.5 (6 games 4.8 per game)
    Week 614.5 (7 games 2.1 per game)
    Week 720 (6 games 3.3 per game)
    Week 834 (6 games 5.7 per game)
    Week 925.5 (7 games 3.6 per game)
    Week 1011.5 (5 games 2.3 per game)-12.5
    Week 1135 (6 games 5.8 per game)
    Week 1238.5 (7 games 5.5 per game)+14.5
    Week 1334 (6 games 5.7 per game)
    Week 1419 (7 games 2.7 per game)
    Week 1519 (6 games 3.2 per game)


    His FanDuel average was 13.8 points and on DraftKings it was 10 per game. We looked at all of his games that were between the 10th and 90th percentile where the 10th percentile is his floor and the 90th is his ceiling. When he was bad in DFS, he was really bad with a floor of zero points. When he was good, he was very good with a DraftKings ceiling of 20 and 27.9 on FanDuel. He has had more bad FanDuel games (below average by 20%) than good games (20% above average), but on DraftKings he has had more good than bad games. We are only including games where they were in the daily fantasy slate and played.

    GameFD Pts (Sal)Good or BadDK Pts (Sal)Good or Bad
    All13.8 ($4.3K)28 G, 31 B10 ($5K)23 G, 20 B
    7/7 MIA12.7 ($4.5K)--9 ($5.5K)--
    7/6 MIA6.5 ($4.5K)-7.35 ($5.2K)--
    7/5 MIA12.2 ($4.4K)--9 ($5.1K)--
    7/4 PHI27.9 ($4.4K)+14.121 ($5K)+11
    7/3 PHI9.4 ($4.4K)--7 ($5.2K)--
    7/2 PHI0 ($4.4K)-13.80 ($5.2K)-10
    6/30 @NYM28.2 ($4.2K)+14.419+9
    6/29 @NYM0 ($4.2K)-13.80 ($5.5K)-10
    6/28 @NYM21.2 ($4.1K)+7.415 ($4.7K)+5
    6/27 @CHC22.2 ($4.2K)+8.416+6
    6/26 @CHC12.2 ($4.2K)--10 ($5.1K)--
    6/25 @CHC0 ($4.5K)-13.80 ($5.5K)-10
    6/24 @CHC3 ($4.5K)-10.83 ($5.4K)-7
    6/23 @WAS6 ($4.4K)-7.85 ($5.3K)--
    6/22 @WAS35.7 ($4.4K)+21.924 ($5.2K)+14
    6/21 @WAS9.5 ($4.4K)--7 ($4.9K)--
    6/19 NYM28.4 ($4.3K)+14.621 ($5.5K)+11
    6/18 NYM18.7 ($4.3K)--14 ($5.2K)--
    6/17 NYM18.9 ($4.4K)--14 ($5.2K)--
    6/16 PHI25.4 ($4.5K)+11.618 ($5.5K)+8
    6/15 PHI9.7 ($4.4K)--6 ($5.2K)--
    6/14 PHI25.2 ($4.3K)+11.419 ($5K)+9
    6/13 PIT22.2--17--
    6/12 PIT18.7 ($4.4K)--14 ($5.6K)--
    6/11 PIT0 ($4.3K)-13.80 ($5.1K)-10
    6/10 PIT25.2 ($4.4K)+11.420 ($5.4K)+10
    6/9 @MIA9 ($4.4K)--8 ($5.5K)--
    6/8 @MIA6 ($4.3K)-7.85--
    6/7 @MIA37.7 ($4.4K)+23.927 ($5.1K)+17
    6/6 @PIT21.7 ($4.6K)+7.916+6
    6/5 @PIT6.2 ($4.3K)-7.64 ($5.4K)-6
    6/4 @PIT34.4 ($4.3K)+20.626 ($5.2K)+16
    6/2 DET12.7 ($4.2K)--9 ($4.4K)--
    6/1 DET22.2 ($4.2K)+8.416 ($5K)+6
    5/31 DET9 ($4.1K)--6 ($4.9K)--
    5/29 WAS0 ($4.2K)-13.80 ($5.2K)-10
    5/28 WAS6.2 ($4K)-7.64 ($4.8K)-6
    5/26 @STL15.4 ($4.2K)--12--
    5/25 @STL3 ($4.2K)-10.82 ($5K)-8
    5/24 @STL21.7 ($4.3K)+7.917 ($5.2K)+7
    5/23 @SF3 ($4.2K)-10.82 ($4.9K)-8
    5/22 @SF27.7 ($4.3K)+13.922 ($5.2K)+12
    5/21 @SF6.5 ($4.4K)-7.35 ($5.1K)--
    5/20 @SF6 ($4.4K)-7.85 ($5.1K)--
    5/19 MIL21.7 ($4.2K)+7.917 ($5K)+7
    5/18 MIL24.7 ($4.2K)+10.919 ($5K)+9
    5/17 MIL22.2 ($4K)+8.416 ($4.6K)+6
    5/16 STL37.6 ($4K)+23.828 ($4.5K)+18
    5/15 STL6 ($4.1K)-7.85 ($4.8K)--
    5/14 STL0 ($4K)-13.80 ($4.5K)-10
    5/11 @ARI15.2 ($4K)--13 ($4.9K)--
    5/10 @ARI12.5 ($4K)--10 ($4.6K)--
    5/9 @ARI3 ($4K)-10.83 ($4.6K)-7
    5/8 @LAD18.7 ($4K)--15 ($4.4K)+5
    5/7 @LAD0 ($4K)-13.80 ($4.4K)-10
    5/6 @LAD22.2 ($4.2K)+8.416 ($4.7K)+6
    5/5 @MIA0 ($4.3K)-13.80 ($5K)-10
    5/4 @MIA9 ($4.2K)--7 ($4.8K)--
    5/3 @MIA21.7 ($4.2K)+7.917 ($5.1K)+7
    5/2 SD9.2 ($4.4K)--7 ($4.8K)--
    5/1 SD9 ($4.4K)--8 ($5.1K)--
    4/30 SD0 ($4.6K)-13.80 ($4.9K)-10
    4/29 SD0 ($4.4K)-13.80 ($5.1K)-10
    4/28 COL31.2 ($4.3K)+17.423 ($5.2K)+13
    4/27 COL21.7 ($4.3K)+7.916 ($4.8K)+6
    4/26 COL3 ($4.2K)-10.82 ($4.7K)-8
    4/25 @CIN28.2 ($4.2K)+14.422 ($4.6K)+12
    4/24 @CIN6 ($4.3K)-7.85 ($5K)--
    4/23 @CIN9.7 ($4.4K)--7 ($5.3K)--
    4/21 @CLE28.4 ($4.1K)+14.621+11
    4/20 @CLE6.5 ($4.1K)-7.34 ($4.6K)-6
    4/20 @CLE6.2 ($4.1K)-7.64 ($4.6K)-6
    4/18 ARI21.7 ($4.4K)+7.916+6
    4/17 ARI3 ($4.1K)-10.83 ($4.8K)-7
    4/16 ARI12.7 ($4.2K)--9 ($4.4K)--
    4/14 NYM6 ($4.4K)-7.84-6
    4/13 NYM15.9 ($4.4K)--12 ($4.8K)--
    4/12 NYM9.2 ($4.5K)--6 ($4.6K)--
    4/11 NYM9.2 ($4.3K)--7 ($4.9K)--
    4/9 @COL15.9 ($4.9K)--12 ($5.1K)--
    4/8 @COL6.2 ($4.9K)-7.65 ($5.6K)--
    4/7 MIA28.4 ($4.5K)+14.621 ($4.6K)+11
    4/6 MIA18.5 ($4.7K)--14 ($4.8K)--
    4/5 MIA6.2 ($4.5K)-7.65 ($4.8K)--
    4/4 CHC15.4 ($4.4K)--11 ($4.6K)--
    4/3 CHC9.2 ($4.2K)--6 ($4.6K)--
    4/1 CHC12.2 ($4.2K)--9 ($4.7K)--
    3/31 @PHI9 ($4.2K)--7--
    3/30 @PHI25 ($4.2K)+11.220+10
    3/28 @PHI6 ($4K)-7.87--