Brent Suter Was the #283 Fantasy RP


He was the number #283 ranked RP. His value would have been higher if he had played more games. Based on average fantasy points he was the #272 RP. We split his 20 games into 3 segments (start, middle, and end). He showed improvement from his start of the season to the middle of his season, but then his production dropped off. In his middle 7 games he averaged 2.1 fantasy points which was higher than his start (-3.9 FP) and his ending average (-0.1 FP). Based on a relatively low standard deviation, Suter can be considered a consistent fantasy player. Our projected ceiling for Suter when he 'goes off' is 14 fantasy points (his average is -0.5FPs).

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Out of 17 fantasy weeks, he was +50% above his weekly average of -0.6 FPs in 9 of them. He had 9 bad weeks where he was 50% below average.

WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
ALL-0.6 FP per Week99
Week 15 (1 games)+5.6
Week 2-12.5 (1 games)-11.9
Week 3-0.7 (1 games)+-0.1-0.1
Week 4-14 (2 games -7 per game)-13.4
Week 5-1.5 (1 games)-0.9
Week 60.5 (1 games)+1.1
Week 7-4.8 (2 games -2.4 per game)-4.3
Week 88.7 (1 games)+9.2
Week 97.7 (1 games)+8.2
Week 103 (2 games 1.5 per game)+3.6
Week 116.5 (1 games)+7.1
Week 129.5 (1 games)+10.1
Week 1313.5 (1 games)+14.1
Week 14-7 (1 games)-6.4
Week 15-6.5 (1 games)-5.9
Week 16-2.5 (1 games)-1.9
Week 17-14.5 (1 games)-13.9