Gabriel Moya Was the #183 Fantasy RP


He was the number #183 ranked RP. His value would have been higher if he had played more games. Based on average fantasy points he was the #182 RP. We split his 35 games into 3 segments (start, middle, and end). He showed improvement from his start of the season to the middle of his season, but then his production dropped off. In his middle 12 games he averaged 1.1 fantasy points which was higher than his start (0 FP) and his ending average (-1 FP). He is still relatively young, so his late season drop-off should not be an indicator of an overall downward trend heading into next season. His fantasy production is stable and he is not as volatile as most players based on a below average standard deviation. He averaged 0 FPs, but on any given day his projected ceiling is as high as 10 fantasy points.

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He has averaged 0 fantasy points per week and had 9 weeks where he came up short (below 50% of average) and had 6 weeks where he was +50% above average.

WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
ALL0 FP per Week69
Week 1-3 (1 games)-3
Week 20.8 (1 games)+0.8
Week 31.5 (1 games)+1.5
Week 4-5.3 (2 games -2.7 per game)-5.3
Week 154 (1 games)+4
Week 18-2.8 (2 games -1.4 per game)-2.8
Week 1914 (4 games 3.5 per game)+14
Week 201.7 (3 games 0.6 per game)+1.7
Week 217.8 (3 games 2.6 per game)+7.8
Week 22-4.2 (3 games -1.4 per game)-4.2
Week 23-8.3 (4 games -2.1 per game)-8.3
Week 24-1 (1 games)-1
Week 25-0.8 (2 games -0.4 per game)-0.8
Week 26-3 (4 games -0.8 per game)-3
Week 27-1.5 (3 games -0.5 per game)-1.5