McCutchen is the #10 Most Expensive OF on FanDuel and is Projected to Be...


There are 2 other options at $3600 (Adam Jones, Kole Calhoun) and McCutchen is the best option of these 3. Jake Marisnick (12.3 FP) is projected for more points at a lower salary. Bryce Harper (11.4 FP), Joc Pederson (7.3 FP), David Peralta (9.7 FP), Mitch Haniger (11.4 FP), and Cody Bellinger (11.6 FP) are all projected for fewer points than McCutchen but have higher salaries. Based on salary, he is expected to have 9.9 FPs, a value reached in 87 of 218 games (40%). The combined 'cover percentage' for outfielders expected to start is 43%.

  • 6/3 VEGAS LINE EXPECTATION: PHI 4 (#7 Most Today) vs SD 3.5 (#8 Most)
  • PROJECTION (POS RANK): 11.8 Fantasy Points (#3), 4.36 plate appearances (#2), 0.292 BA (#5), 0.873 OPS (#7), 0.17 HR (#12), 0.59 RBI (#4), 0.62 runs (#4), 0.07 stolen bases (#8),
Lower SalaryA. McCutchenHigher Salary
J. Marisnick (12 FP)12 FPB. Harper (11 FP)
#10 OutfieldJ. Pederson (7 FP)
D. Peralta (10 FP)
M. Haniger (11 FP)
C. Bellinger (12 FP)

DRAFTKINGS VALUE: Based on a projected 8.9 DraftKings points, McCutchen is fairly ranked. He is the #4 highest priced outfielder ($5400). At his projected points, he is worth a salary of $5.7K (expected pts per $ is calculated daily based on the average of healthy starters). These are 2 better options at lower salaries: Michael Brantley (10.4 FP) and Jake Marisnick (9.1 FP). He is projected for more points than 2 higher priced options: Joc Pederson (5.5 FP) and Shohei Ohtani (5.1 FP). Based on salary, he is expected to have 8.4 FPs, a value reached in 83 of 218 games (38%). The combined 'cover percentage' for outfielders expected to start is 38%.

McCutchen is NOT in the SportsLine DraftKings optimal lineup or the FanDuel optimal lineup which are based on the computer model's projection. also offers premium optimal lineups from Mike McClure, a professional DFS player who has over $1 million in career winnings. He uses his own proprietary model to find great DFS values and often differs from the computer in how a player is projected to play on a daily basis.


Andrew McCutchen is a bad value this week. He has a market rank of #16 while his projection (week 11) rank is #31. In week 11 rankings vs other outfielders instead of McCutchen consider these better options at lower start percentages: Nick Markakis (17 FP), Aaron Hicks (17 FP), Avisail Garcia (16 FP), Starling Marte (16 FP), and Jake Marisnick (19 FP). Starting in 95% of leagues he is expected to produce 18.3 fantasy points (WK 11). At his start percentage, he is expected to be the #16 outfielder of the week, but he is projected to be the #31 outfielder. In terms of total fantasy points he projected to come up 2.1 short of expectations. His per game projected FP average is 2.9 which is less than his actual per game average (3.3).

He is projected for 16.2 fantasy points in week 11 (#31 OF) in 6 games.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
16.16 (#31) 
0.255 (#78)
0.687 (#70)
Home Runs 
0.97 (#32) 
Runs3.59 (#20) 
2.77 (#46)
Stolen Bases 
0.33 (#57)

  • Based on 6/3 start percentages, Andrew McCutchen is valued behind Meadows and above Marte and the projections agree for this week.
  • Jun 3Jun 4Jun 5Jun 7Jun 8Jun 9
    3.3 FP @SD2.4 FP @SD3 FP @SD2.5 FP vs CIN2.2 FP vs CIN2.7 FP vs CIN

    Andrew McCutchen last five game log with fantasy points (CBS, FD, DK) and statline.

    6/2 @LAD0 FP, 3 FD, 3 DK1-4
    6/1 @LAD0 FP, 0 FD, 0 DK0-4
    5/31 @LAD5 FP, 19 FD, 14 DK1-4, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 R
    5/30 vs STL4 FP, 12 FD, 9 DK1-4, 2 R, 1 BB
    5/29 vs STL13 FP, 41 FD, 28 DK1-1, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 4 R, 3 BB

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    The latest projections exactly match what is expected of Andrew McCutchen, at least in terms of position ranking. Based on ownership percentage (99%), Andrew McCutchen has a market rank of #16 among outfielders. Projections also rank him #16. He is projected for 290 fantasy points in 93 remaining games. He has a lower rank (#22) based on projected fantasy average. The market ranks Andrew McCutchen behind Meadows and above Marte and the projections agree.

    Lower Own%A. McCutchen ROSHigher Own%
    T. Pham (308 FP)290 FPG. Springer (282 FP)
    D. Dietrich (301 FP)#16 OutfieldJ. Gallo (265 FP)
    M. Kepler (294 FP) 
    M. Haniger (270 FP)
    Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
    Fantasy Points 
    290 (#16) 
    0.261 (#70)
    0.842 (#24) 
    Home Runs 
    17 (#21) 
    Runs65 (#5) 
    48 (#40)
    Stolen Bases 
    6 (#50)
    90 (#121)

    His value decreases in leagues where winning specific categories is important because he has more relative weaknesses than strengths.


    Out of 10 fantasy weeks he had one where he was +50% above his weekly average of 19 fantasy points.

    WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
    ALL19 FP per Week10
    Week 115 (3 games 5 per game)
    Week 216 (5 games 3.2 per game)
    Week 322 (6 games 3.7 per game)
    Week 422 (7 games 3.1 per game)
    Week 512 (7 games 1.7 per game)
    Week 611 (5 games 2.2 per game)
    Week 711.5 (5 games 2.3 per game)
    Week 822 (7 games 3.1 per game)
    Week 934 (7 games 4.9 per game)+15
    Week 1024 (6 games 4 per game)


    He averaged 11.8 FD points and 8.7 DK points per game. We looked at all of his games that were between the 10th and 90th percentile where the 10th percentile is his floor and the 90th is his ceiling. When he was bad in DFS, he was really bad with a floor of zero points. He had a relatively high ceiling. On DraftKings it was 19 and on FanDuel it was 27.9 FPs. He has had more bad FanDuel games (below average by 20%) than good games (20% above average), and the same was true on DraftKings. We are only including games where they were in the daily fantasy slate and played.

    GameFD Pts (Sal)Good or BadDK Pts (Sal)Good or Bad
    All11.8 ($3.9K)14 G, 16 B8.7 ($4.4K)11 G, 15 B
    6/2 @LAD3 ($3.8K)-8.83-5.7
    6/1 @LAD0 ($3.7K)-11.80 ($4.2K)-8.7
    5/31 @LAD18.7 ($3.9K)+6.914 ($4.3K)+5.3
    5/30 STL12.4 ($3.8K)--9 ($4.7K)--
    5/29 STL40.8 ($3.8K)+2928 ($4.8K)+19.3
    5/28 STL6.2 ($3.7K)--5 ($4.7K)--
    5/26 @MIL0 ($3.7K)-11.80 ($4.9K)-8.7
    5/25 @MIL21.7 ($3.8K)+9.916 ($5.1K)+7.3
    5/24 @MIL18.7 ($3.6K)+6.914 ($4.8K)+5.3
    5/23 @CHC28.4 ($3.5K)+16.620 ($4.2K)+11.3
    5/22 @CHC30.9 ($3.4K)+19.124 ($4K)+15.3
    5/21 @CHC10 ($3.5K)--7 ($4K)--
    5/20 @CHC15 ($3.4K)--10 ($3.8K)--
    5/19 COL16 ($3.6K)--12 ($4.4K)--
    5/18 COL0 ($3.5K)-11.80 ($4.1K)-8.7
    5/17 COL31.4 ($3.4K)+19.624 ($3.9K)+15.3
    5/16 MIL12.2 ($3.5K)--9 ($4K)--
    5/15 MIL6.5 ($3.7K)--5 ($4K)--
    5/14 MIL0 ($3.7K)-11.80 ($4.1K)-8.7
    5/13 MIL6 ($3.6K)--6 ($4.1K)--
    5/12 @KC15.2 ($3.9K)--11 ($4.2K)--
    5/11 @KC13.2 ($3.9K)--9 ($4.4K)--
    5/10 @KC0 ($3.8K)-11.80 ($4.5K)-8.7
    5/7 @STL9.2 ($3.7K)--6 ($4.4K)--
    5/6 @STL3 ($3.7K)-8.83 ($4.3K)-5.7
    5/5 WAS9.2 ($3.9K)--7 ($4.5K)--
    5/4 WAS9.5 ($3.9K)--7 ($4.3K)--
    5/3 WAS0 ($3.9K)-11.80 ($4.6K)-8.7
    5/1 DET12.5 ($3.9K)--11 ($4.5K)--
    4/30 DET15.2 ($4.2K)--10 ($4.5K)--
    4/28 MIA12.4 ($3.7K)--8 ($4.3K)--
    4/27 MIA27.9 ($3.8K)+16.120 ($4.3K)+11.3
    4/26 MIA0 ($3.6K)-11.80 ($4.5K)-8.7
    4/25 MIA6 ($3.6K)--5 ($4.6K)--
    4/24 @NYM3 ($4.4K)-8.83 ($4.5K)-5.7
    4/23 @NYM0 ($4.1K)-11.80 ($4.4K)-8.7
    4/22 @NYM0 ($3.9K)-11.80 ($4.6K)-8.7
    4/21 @COL6 ($4.5K)--6 ($4.7K)--
    4/20 @COL24.9 ($4.6K)+13.119 ($4.8K)+10.3
    4/19 @COL12.2 ($4.5K)--9 ($4.8K)--
    4/18 @COL0 ($4.7K)-11.80 ($5.4K)-8.7
    4/17 NYM0 ($4.3K)-11.80-8.7
    4/16 NYM15.4 ($4.1K)--12 ($4.6K)--
    4/15 NYM18.2 ($4.1K)+6.414 ($4K)+5.3
    4/14 @MIA12.2 ($3.8K)--10 ($4.2K)--
    4/13 @MIA12 ($3.7K)--9--
    4/12 @MIA37.9 ($3.8K)+26.128 ($4.3K)+19.3
    4/10 WAS6 ($3.7K)--4 ($4.3K)-4.7
    4/9 WAS9.2 ($3.7K)--7 ($4.1K)--
    4/8 WAS0 ($3.9K)-11.80 ($4.4K)-8.7
    4/7 MIN6.2 ($4.5K)--4 ($4.1K)-4.7
    4/6 MIN9 ($4.3K)--7--
    4/5 MIN15.4 ($4.2K)--11 ($4.3K)--
    4/3 @WAS19.7 ($4.2K)+7.913--
    4/2 @WAS12.2 ($4.1K)--10 ($3.8K)--
    3/31 ATL27.9 ($4.1K)+16.120+11.3
    3/30 ATL0 ($4K)-11.80-8.7
    3/28 ATL24.9 ($3.4K)+13.118+9.3