Shane Carle Fantasy Season Recap Consists of 3 Games


He averaged 0.7 FD points per game. We looked at all of his games that were between the 10th and 90th percentile where the 10th percentile is his floor and the 90th is his ceiling. His floor was 1000 fantasy points. He did not have a high ceiling (less than +50% over average). On FanDuel it was -1000 FPs. On FanDuel, he has been consistent with relatively few good or bad games (+/- 20% of average).

GameFanDuel PointsSalaryGood GameBad Game
4/4 CHC9--$5.5K+8.32
3/31 @PHI-3--$5.5K+8.3-3.7
3/28 @PHI-4--$5.5K+8.3-4.7