Steven Wright is Probably Worth a Spot on the Bench in 2019


Steven Wright is projected to be a starting pitcher worth having on the bench and potentially starting in certain situations. His projected position rank based on season total fantasy points is #97 (at SP). At the end of the 2018 season he was owned in just 9 percent of leagues. This should go up next season. He is projected to average 0.56 fantasy points per game in 23 games. His projected rank for the upcoming season is down from where he finished last season.

SP RankPlayerProj FPProj Stats
#95Luke Weaver13.410-10 WL, 149 IP, 143 K, 49, 3.76 ERA, 1.30 WHIP
#96Ivan Nova13.18-9 WL, 144 IP, 107 K, 32, 3.72 ERA, 1.24 WHIP
#97Steven Wright12.95-3 WL, 52 IP, 37 K, 21, 3.55 ERA, 1.31 WHIP
#98Alex Meyer12.14-3 WL, 41 IP, 44 K, 22, 4.07 ERA, 1.38 WHIP
#99Alec Mills11.83-3 WL, 34 IP, 35 K, 12, 4.01 ERA, 1.15 WHIP

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He was the number #139 ranked SP. His value would have been higher if he had played more games. Based on average fantasy points he was the #128 SP. We split his 20 games into 3 segments (start, middle, and end). He showed an upward trajectory as the season went on. He averaged 1.2 FPs in his first 6 games and 2.4 FP in his final 7 games. Using standard deviation as an indicator of consistency, Wright is relatively inconsistent capable of very high highs and equally low lows. He averaged 1.1 FPs, but on any given day his projected ceiling is as high as 15 fantasy points.

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Out of 10 fantasy weeks, he was +50% above his weekly average of 2.2 FPs in 4 of them. He had 4 bad weeks where he was 50% below average.

WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
ALL2.2 FP per Week44
Week 8-4 (2 games -2 per game)-6.2
Week 98 (2 games 4 per game)+5.8
Week 103 (2 games 1.5 per game)
Week 1115 (1 games)+12.8
Week 123.2 (2 games 1.6 per game)
Week 13-17.7 (1 games)-19.8
Week 24-2.5 (3 games -0.8 per game)-4.7
Week 256.5 (3 games 2.2 per game)+4.3
Week 269.2 (2 games 4.6 per game)+7
Week 271 (2 games 0.5 per game)-1.2


His FanDuel average was 5.7 points and on DraftKings it was 2.6 per game. We looked at all of his games that were between the 10th and 90th percentile where the 10th percentile is his floor and the 90th is his ceiling. On DraftKings his floor was -15.7 and on FanDuel it was -14 fantasy points. His DraftKings ceiling was 3.6 fantasy points and 6 on FanDuel. On FanDuel, he has been consistent with relatively few good or bad games (+/- 20% of average), and an equal number of good and bad games on DraftKings. We are only including games where they were in the daily fantasy slate and played.

GameFD Pts (Sal)Good or BadDK Pts (Sal)Good or Bad
All5.7 ($6K)2 G, 1 B2.6 ($6.5K)2 G, 2 B
9/29 NYY6 ($5.5K)--3 ($6.2K)--
9/26 BAL12 ($5.5K)+6.37.9 ($6.2K)+5.3
9/23 @CLE5 ($5.5K)--2.3--
9/20 @NYY21 ($5.5K)+15.314.2 ($6.2K)+11.6
9/16 NYM6 ($5.8K)--3.6 ($6.2K)--
9/15 NYM6 ($5.8K)--3 ($6.2K)--
9/12 TOR6 ($6K)--3 ($6.2K)--
9/9 HOU6 ($6.2K)--2.7--
9/4 @ATL6 ($6.5K)--3 ($6.2K)--
9/3 @ATL3 ($6.5K)--1 ($6.2K)-1.6
6/22 SEA-14 ($7K)-19.7-15.7 ($8.5K)-18.3
6/16 @SEA34--17.6--
6/11 @BAL39--20.2--
6/5 DET49--28.8--
5/31 @HOU21--12.4--
5/28 TOR12--7.9--
5/26 ATL18--11--
5/24 @TB6--3.6--
5/18 BAL23--13.5--
5/15 OAK4--0.2--