NBA Daily Fantasy Review: Most Bang for Your Buck and Biggest Flops

In season, we review yesterday's Daily Most and Least Valuable Players based on how much the exceeded or fell short of their salary based expectations. The average player boomed (greatly exceeded expectation) thirty percent of the time, busted thirty percent of the time, and delivered what was expected forty percent of the time. On DraftKings and FanDuel, Mitchell Robinson is the best center in terms of highest boom rate. He delivered significantly more points than his salary based expectation (avg salary $5.4K on FD, $4.5K on DK). On FanDuel, his boom rate is 45 percent and on DraftKings it is 44 percent. Shabazz Napier has a 52.9% boom rate on FanDuel which makes him #1 at his position. On DraftKings, the forward with the worst (highest) bust rate is Mike Scott. His average salary is $3.4K and he busts 55.6% of the time. Not surprisingly, his boom rate is not good. The tables below show the players with the five highest boom and bust rates by position on each platform.

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Elfrid Payton ($6.2K Avg Sal, 44.7% Boom, 21.1% Bust)Frank Mason III ($3.3K Avg Sal, 63% Bust, 14.8% Boom)
Delon Wright ($4.1K Avg Sal, 43.1% Boom, 24.6% Bust)MarShon Brooks ($3.2K Avg Sal, 61.9% Bust, 9.5% Boom)
Shabazz Napier ($3.8K Avg Sal, 42.5% Boom, 30% Bust)Shaun Livingston ($3.1K Avg Sal, 61.6% Bust, 9.6% Boom)
Mike Conley ($7.6K Avg Sal, 40.9% Boom, 16.7% Bust)Jevon Carter ($3.4K Avg Sal, 61.1% Bust, 16.7% Boom)
Collin Sexton ($5K Avg Sal, 40% Boom, 17.3% Bust)Devin Harris ($3.3K Avg Sal, 56.5% Bust, 17.4% Boom)
Trae Young ($7.1K Avg Sal, 39.7% Boom, 16.4% Bust)Chasson Randle ($3.2K Avg Sal, 55% Bust, 15% Boom)
D.J. Augustin ($4.7K Avg Sal, 38.8% Boom, 20% Bust)Jerian Grant ($3.3K Avg Sal, 54.9% Bust, 13.7% Boom)
Darren Collison ($5.3K Avg Sal, 38.7% Boom, 20% Bust)Quinn Cook ($3.5K Avg Sal, 52.9% Bust, 22.1% Boom)
Lonzo Ball ($5.9K Avg Sal, 38.6% Boom, 31.8% Bust)Jaylen Adams ($3.2K Avg Sal, 52.6% Bust, 15.8% Boom)
Emmanuel Mudiay ($5.2K Avg Sal, 38.6% Boom, 34.1% Bust)Dante Exum ($3.5K Avg Sal, 50% Bust, 22.5% Boom)
Julius Randle ($7.5K Avg Sal, 42.6% Boom, 13.2% Bust)Mike Scott ($3.4K Avg Sal, 55.6% Bust, 12.5% Boom)
Larry Nance ($5.8K Avg Sal, 41% Boom, 26.2% Bust)Alfonzo McKinnie ($3.2K Avg Sal, 55.4% Bust, 8.1% Boom)
Kelly Oubre ($5K Avg Sal, 40.9% Boom, 19.7% Bust)Justin Jackson ($3.4K Avg Sal, 52.7% Bust, 17.6% Boom)
Marvin Williams ($4.6K Avg Sal, 40.9% Boom, 30.3% Bust)Doug McDermott ($3.2K Avg Sal, 52.7% Bust, 12.2% Boom)
Thaddeus Young ($5.4K Avg Sal, 39.2% Boom, 11.4% Bust)Torrey Craig ($3.5K Avg Sal, 49.3% Bust, 28.4% Boom)
Terrence Ross ($4.9K Avg Sal, 39.2% Boom, 25.3% Bust)Royce O'Neale ($3.5K Avg Sal, 47.6% Bust, 20.2% Boom)
Luka Doncic ($8K Avg Sal, 39.1% Boom, 7.2% Bust)James Ennis ($3.6K Avg Sal, 46.2% Bust, 21.2% Boom)
Dorian Finney-Smith ($3.7K Avg Sal, 38.7% Boom, 29.3% Bust)Garrett Temple ($3.7K Avg Sal, 45.2% Bust, 20.5% Boom)
Marvin Bagley III ($5.4K Avg Sal, 38.2% Boom, 16.4% Bust)Markieff Morris ($4.4K Avg Sal, 44.8% Bust, 25.9% Boom)
Maurice Harkless ($3.9K Avg Sal, 38.2% Boom, 36.8% Bust)Allonzo Trier ($4K Avg Sal, 44.4% Bust, 27.8% Boom)
Mitchell Robinson ($4.5K Avg Sal, 44.4% Boom, 24.1% Bust)Robin Lopez ($3.9K Avg Sal, 40.6% Bust, 34.4% Boom)
Dewayne Dedmon ($5K Avg Sal, 44.1% Boom, 22% Bust)Mike Muscala ($3.5K Avg Sal, 40.4% Bust, 31.6% Boom)
Enes Kanter ($6.1K Avg Sal, 38% Boom, 26.8% Bust)Zach Collins ($3.5K Avg Sal, 38.8% Bust, 25.9% Boom)
Andre Drummond ($8.9K Avg Sal, 37.1% Boom, 15.7% Bust)Kelly Olynyk ($4.6K Avg Sal, 37.3% Bust, 33.3% Boom)
Jusuf Nurkic ($7.2K Avg Sal, 36.2% Boom, 11.6% Bust)Jakob Poeltl ($3.6K Avg Sal, 36.7% Bust, 27.8% Boom)
JaVale McGee ($5.2K Avg Sal, 36.2% Boom, 24.6% Bust)Kevon Looney ($3.7K Avg Sal, 31.8% Bust, 29.5% Boom)
Rudy Gobert ($8K Avg Sal, 36.1% Boom, 6% Bust)Alex Len ($4.4K Avg Sal, 30.4% Bust, 31.9% Boom)
Al Horford ($6.2K Avg Sal, 36% Boom, 9.3% Bust)Thomas Bryant ($4.7K Avg Sal, 27.4% Bust, 30.6% Boom)
Karl-Anthony Towns ($9.7K Avg Sal, 35.6% Boom, 16.4% Bust)Enes Kanter ($6.1K Avg Sal, 26.8% Bust, 38% Boom)
Joel Embiid ($10.2K Avg Sal, 34.8% Boom, 10.6% Bust)JaVale McGee ($5.2K Avg Sal, 24.6% Bust, 36.2% Boom)
Shabazz Napier ($4.3K Avg Sal, 52.9% Boom, 17.6% Bust)Jaylen Adams ($3.5K Avg Sal, 62.5% Bust, 6.2% Boom)
Derrick Rose ($5.8K Avg Sal, 51.1% Boom, 14.9% Bust)Shaun Livingston ($3.6K Avg Sal, 54.4% Bust, 8.8% Boom)
Michael Carter-Williams ($3.9K Avg Sal, 50% Boom, 25% Bust)Chasson Randle ($3.5K Avg Sal, 48.5% Bust, 21.2% Boom)
Frank Mason III ($3.7K Avg Sal, 43.8% Boom, 37.5% Bust)Jevon Carter ($3.6K Avg Sal, 46.2% Bust, 23.1% Boom)
T.J. McConnell ($3.9K Avg Sal, 41.9% Boom, 32.3% Bust)Quinn Cook ($4K Avg Sal, 44.2% Bust, 21.2% Boom)
Emmanuel Mudiay ($5.4K Avg Sal, 41.9% Boom, 37.2% Bust)Matthew Dellavedova ($3.8K Avg Sal, 44.1% Bust, 23.5% Boom)
Mike Conley ($8.4K Avg Sal, 41.8% Boom, 13.4% Bust)Tyus Jones ($4.5K Avg Sal, 43.8% Bust, 37.5% Boom)
Delon Wright ($4.6K Avg Sal, 40.6% Boom, 25% Bust)Landry Shamet ($3.8K Avg Sal, 43.1% Bust, 25% Boom)
Darren Collison ($5.8K Avg Sal, 40% Boom, 21.3% Bust)Devin Harris ($3.5K Avg Sal, 42.1% Bust, 21.1% Boom)
Fred VanVleet ($4.8K Avg Sal, 40% Boom, 24.3% Bust)Devonte Graham ($3.7K Avg Sal, 41.2% Bust, 11.8% Boom)
Kelly Oubre ($5.4K Avg Sal, 47% Boom, 19.7% Bust)Wesley Iwundu ($3.6K Avg Sal, 62% Bust, 12% Boom)
Taj Gibson ($4.6K Avg Sal, 43.9% Boom, 18.2% Bust)Doug McDermott ($3.5K Avg Sal, 55.6% Bust, 8.3% Boom)
Jeff Green ($4.6K Avg Sal, 42% Boom, 20.3% Bust)Mike Scott ($3.7K Avg Sal, 50% Bust, 6.5% Boom)
Larry Nance ($6.2K Avg Sal, 41.7% Boom, 18.3% Bust)OG Anunoby ($3.7K Avg Sal, 44.8% Bust, 25.9% Boom)
Bojan Bogdanovic ($5.5K Avg Sal, 40.5% Boom, 15.2% Bust)Alfonzo McKinnie ($3.5K Avg Sal, 43.1% Bust, 11.8% Boom)
Marvin Williams ($5.1K Avg Sal, 39.4% Boom, 30.3% Bust)Markieff Morris ($4.7K Avg Sal, 41.8% Bust, 30.9% Boom)
Thaddeus Young ($6K Avg Sal, 39.2% Boom, 16.5% Bust)Torrey Craig ($3.9K Avg Sal, 41.8% Bust, 27.3% Boom)
Terrence Ross ($5.1K Avg Sal, 38.8% Boom, 25% Bust)Allonzo Trier ($4K Avg Sal, 41.5% Bust, 30.2% Boom)
Trevor Ariza ($5.9K Avg Sal, 38.3% Boom, 21.7% Bust)Justin Jackson ($3.8K Avg Sal, 41.3% Bust, 20.6% Boom)
Andrew Wiggins ($6.6K Avg Sal, 38.2% Boom, 11.8% Bust)Norman Powell ($3.7K Avg Sal, 40.4% Bust, 22.8% Boom)
Mitchell Robinson ($5.4K Avg Sal, 45.1% Boom, 19.6% Bust)Zach Collins ($4K Avg Sal, 43% Bust, 24.1% Boom)
Alex Len ($4.7K Avg Sal, 39.7% Boom, 30.2% Bust)Mike Muscala ($3.7K Avg Sal, 36.5% Bust, 32.7% Boom)
Kelly Olynyk ($4.7K Avg Sal, 38.6% Boom, 30% Bust)Jakob Poeltl ($4.2K Avg Sal, 32.4% Bust, 27.9% Boom)
Brook Lopez ($5.7K Avg Sal, 38.3% Boom, 25.9% Bust)Robin Lopez ($4.4K Avg Sal, 31% Bust, 36.2% Boom)
Dewayne Dedmon ($5.6K Avg Sal, 38.3% Boom, 26.7% Bust)Alex Len ($4.7K Avg Sal, 30.2% Bust, 39.7% Boom)
Robin Lopez ($4.4K Avg Sal, 36.2% Boom, 31% Bust)Kelly Olynyk ($4.7K Avg Sal, 30% Bust, 38.6% Boom)
JaVale McGee ($6K Avg Sal, 35.8% Boom, 25.4% Bust)Enes Kanter ($6.5K Avg Sal, 30% Bust, 31.4% Boom)
Al Horford ($6.9K Avg Sal, 34.7% Boom, 17.3% Bust)Hassan Whiteside ($7.5K Avg Sal, 28.4% Bust, 31.3% Boom)
Myles Turner ($7K Avg Sal, 34.7% Boom, 20.8% Bust)DeAndre Jordan ($7.3K Avg Sal, 28.1% Bust, 26.6% Boom)
Richaun Holmes ($4.3K Avg Sal, 34.5% Boom, 16.4% Bust)Kevon Looney ($4.1K Avg Sal, 27.7% Bust, 26.5% Boom)