Is Clarkson Worth More than Collison in Fantasy?


As of 1/18, Jordan Clarkson is the #51 ranked guard based on ownership percentage (77%). Our projections indicate that Jordan Clarkson is overrated by the market. His fantasy guard projection rank is #56. He is the lowest rated of the 4 guards (Eric Gordon, Darren Collison, Kent Bazemore) with this market rank (77% Owned). He is projected for 745 fantasy points in 37 remaining games. His projected average FP rank is the same as his rest of season total rank. The market ranks Jordan Clarkson behind Batum and above Collison but the projections rank Collison over Jordan Clarkson. His strength is scoring, and if he could improve from 3pt range his value would increase. But sharing the ball and accumulating defensive stats need improvement.

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Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
745 (#56) 
Points507 (#35) 
98 (#64) 
78.9 (#77)
26 (#64) 
7 (#67)
3 PT Made 
52 (#48) 
50 (#59) 


If you are in a league that allows for substitutions during the week Jordan Clarkson is a good value the rest of the week. He has a market rank of #51 while his projection rank (rest of week 14) is #20. instead of Clarkson consider these better options at lower start percentages: Eric Gordon (89.2 FP), Derrick Rose (87.4 FP), D.J. Augustin (83.9 FP), Ricky Rubio (87.1 FP), and Wesley Matthews (85.1 FP). J.J. Redick (72.5 FP), Reggie Jackson (70.5 FP), Klay Thompson (76.4 FP), Kemba Walker (67.3 FP), and Victor Oladipo (64 FP) are all projected for fewer points than Clarkson but are starting in more leagues. Starting in 52% of leagues he is expected to produce 84.1 fantasy points (WK 15). At his start percentage, he is expected to be the #38 guard of the week, but he is projected to be the #40 guard.

Lower Start%J. Clarkson WK 15Higher Start%
E. Gordon (89 FP)82 FPJ. Redick (72 FP)
D. Rose (87 FP)#38 GuardR. Jackson (70 FP)
D. Augustin (84 FP) 
K. Thompson (76 FP)
R. Rubio (87 FP) 
K. Walker (67 FP)
W. Matthews (85 FP) 
V. Oladipo (64 FP)

He is projected for 82 fantasy points in week 15 (#40 G) in 4 games.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
82 (#40) 
Points55 (#22) 
10.9 (#49)
9 (#61)
3 (#47) 
0.8 (#57)
3 PT Made 
5.7 (#33) 
5.8 (#44) 

  • Based on 1/18 start percentages, Jordan Clarkson is valued behind Jackson and above Rose but the projections rank Rose over Jordan Clarkson in week 15.
  • Jan 21Jan 23Jan 25Jan 27
    22 FP vs CHI19.8 FP @BOS19.2 FP vs MIA21 FP @CHI

    Jordan Clarkson last five game log with fantasy points (CBS, FD, DK) and statline.

    1/16 @POR28 FP, 26 FD, 28 DK29 Min, 22 Pts, 0 Reb, 3 Ast, 61.5 TS%, 28% USG
    1/13 @LAL14 FP, 13 FD, 14 DK28 Min, 9 Pts, 2 Reb, 2 Ast, 40.9 TS%, 19% USG
    1/11 @HOU18 FP, 20 FD, 20 DK25 Min, 12 Pts, 3 Reb, 1 Ast, 40 TS%, 25% USG
    1/9 @NO33 FP, 44 FD, 41 DK30 Min, 21 Pts, 4 Reb, 2 Ast, 62.2 TS%, 26% USG
    1/8 vs IND29 FP, 34 FD, 35 DK32 Min, 26 Pts, 2 Reb, 1 Ast, 62.3 TS%, 37% USG


    DRAFTKINGS VALUE (1/18): Clarkson is underrated on DraftKings with a projected 24.4 DK pts (#17 among point guards). He is the #19 highest priced point guard ($5300). Using our calculation of expected points per dollar, Clarkson is worth $5.1K. Reggie Jackson (25 FP) is projected for more points at a lower salary. Based on salary, he is expected to have 25.3 FPs, a value reached in 24 of 45 games (53%). The combined 'cover percentage' for point guards priced at $4.0K and above is 48%.

    FANDUEL VALUE: Projected for 23.3 FanDuel pts Jordan Clarkson is the #10 ranked shooting guard. At $5300 he is expected to be the #11 shooting guard. Using the salaries and projected points for healthy players in in today's pool to calculate expected points per dollar, Clarkson is worth $5.7K. Based on salary, he is expected to have 21.7 FPs, a value reached in 28 of 45 games (62%). The combined 'cover percentage' for shooting guards priced at $4.0K and above is 47%.

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