Reggie Bullock Computer Projections vs Fantasy Owner Expectations


Many would be surprised to see Reggie Bullock projected as an elite fantasy forward. Based on ownership percentage (18%), Reggie Bullock has a market rank of #79 among forwards. The projections have him 25 spots higher in the rankings. There could be an opportunity to acquire him while the market is still not as high on them as the projections are. Owners should hold onto him and probably decline offers unless there is an even better forward option available. He is projected for 172 fantasy points in 10 remaining games. He has a lower rank (#60) based on projected fantasy average. The market ranks Reggie Bullock behind Trier and above Kurucs but the projections rank Reggie Bullock over Trier. With a better FP Total rank than Avg rank, his value will decrease once his remaining games evens out with other similarly rated players. His strength is scoring, especially from three-point range. But he does not excel in the other areas of the game.

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Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
172 (#54) 
Points110 (#45) 
27 (#99)
Assists17.4 (#45) 
Steals7 (#40) 
3 (#75)
3PT Made22 (#4) 
10 (#61) 


When compared to other forwards in week 24, P.J. Tucker (45.4 FP), Jeff Green (69.3 FP), Serge Ibaka (66.7 FP), DeMarre Carroll (48.4 FP), and Taj Gibson (63.6 FP) are all projected for fewer points than Bullock but are starting in more leagues. Starting in 6% of leagues he is expected to produce 47.8 fantasy points (WK 24). At his start percentage, he is expected to be the #74 forward of week 24. He is projected to be better than that (the #42 forward). His per game projected FP average is 17.4 which is better than his actual per game average (15.3). In addition to a solid projected FP average, he will benefit from playing 4 games.

He is projected for 70 fantasy points in week 24 (#40 F) in 4 games.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
70 (#40) 
45 (#34) 
10.8 (#84)
7.1 (#32) 
2.8 (#34) 
1 (#85)
3PT Made9.1 (#3) 
3.8 (#54)

  • Based on 3/23 start percentages, Reggie Bullock is valued behind Green and above Kurucs but the projections rank Reggie Bullock over Green in week 24.
  • Mar 26Mar 27Mar 29Mar 31
    18.2 FP vs WAS16.2 FP @UTA17.6 FP vs CHA17.8 FP @NO

    Reggie Bullock last five game log with fantasy points (CBS, FD, DK) and statline.

    3/22 vs BKN11 FP, 17 FD, 15 DK28 Min, 5 Pts, 3 Reb, 0 Ast, 27.8 TS%, 12% USG
    3/19 @MIL17 FP, 16 FD, 18 DK24 Min, 13 Pts, 2 Reb, 1 Ast, 96.2 TS%, 12% USG
    3/17 @NY14 FP, 14 FD, 15 DK21 Min, 14 Pts, 0 Reb, 0 Ast, 70 TS%, 19% USG
    3/15 @DET8 FP, 9 FD, 10 DK21 Min, 4 Pts, 2 Reb, 2 Ast, 28.6 TS%, 21% USG
    3/14 @TOR11 FP, 15 FD, 15 DK30 Min, 7 Pts, 3 Reb, 0 Ast, 47 TS%, 12% USG

    Bullock is not in the 3/23 DFS player pool, but one player who is in the Sportsline FanDuel optimal lineup is Kevin Durant, and Al-Farouq Aminu is in the DraftKings optimal lineup.


    • 5 pts, 3 reb, 0 ast, 1 blk, 2 stl
    • FanDuel: $3500, 17 FPs (+$389 value, +1.7 FPs)
    • DraftKings: $3700, 15.2 FPs (-$659 value, -3.3 FPs)