Ball State
Stadium Scheumann Stadium
0-0 Overall | 0-0 MID AMERICAN WEST 1st
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  • NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas
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    LSU-Vandy among Week 4 best bets

0 Agyemang, Chris DL6-42754Billerica, MA
9 Albright, Christian LB6-22404Kennesaw, GA
23 Anderson II, Brett S6-01904Grand Blanc, MI
51 Berger, Brandon LB6-42471Indianapolis, IN
62 Blackwell, Curtis OL6-53154Uniondale, IN
22 Blanco, Jack S6-11963San Diego, CA
79 Boggs, Joseph OL6-43002Reynoldsburg, OH
47 Borrow, Lucas P6-01751Newcastle, Australia
45 Boso, Jimmie FB5-112252Indianapolis, IN
23 Brownlee, Markavun RB5-112291Elkhart, IN
44 Burns, Brock LB6-32293Fishers, IN
37 Caldwell, Colin LB5-112241Westfield, IN
89 Campbell, Justin WR6-41851Suwanee, GA
47 Carter, Mitchell TE6-02352Huntingburg, IN
42 Chanove, Jake K5-61733New Orleans, LA
10 Charlebois, Elliot QB6-22003Noblesville, IN
32 Coll, Clayton LB6-32352Franklin, IN
5 Cosby, Bryce S5-101814Louisville, KY
80 Crothers, Chris TE6-52373Mishawaka, IN
54 Crowe, Ethan OL6-53071Bargersville, IN
1 Davis, Antwan WR5-112044Saint John, IN
27 Daw, Jimmy LB6-32393Medina, OH
48 Dunnuck, Isaiah TE6-32402Fishers, IN
41 Egenolf, Ben S5-91911Avon, IN
31 Ekpe, Anthony LB6-12354Pflugerville, TX
55 Elrod, Dalton LB6-22291Hartland, WI
83 Endsley, Luke WR5-81703Cape Coral, FL
34 Evans, Brayden S6-12071Camby, IN
30 Evans, Tye RB6-02402Macedonia, OH
16 Gillentine, Cam QB5-111951Muncie, IN
45 Greenwood, Joseph LS5-112134Delaware, OH
42 Grenda, Hank LB6-02263Westfield, IN
19 Grohman, Connor QB6-11991Muskego, WI
11 Hall, Justin WR5-91814Douglasville, GA
20 Hannah, Myles S5-111932Stone Mountain, GA
97 Harris, John DL6-22641Greenwood, IN
74 Haught, Porter OL6-42901Fort Wayne, IN
54 Helm, Sam LB6-02083Bloomington, IN
86 Hill, Austin WR6-21851Muncie, IN
4 Hohlt, Trevor WR5-111863Greenwood, IN
2 Huntley, Caleb RB5-102294Atlanta, GA
12 James, Isaac CB6-01924Westfield, IN
35 Jennette III, James DE6-32844Florissant, MO
95 Jillani, Emeka DL6-13022London, England
29 Jones, Harold S5-101901Indianapolis, IN
17 Jones, Nic CB5-111852Southfield, MI
24 Jones, Will RB5-102083Anderson, IN
92 Kendrick, Kendal DT6-12753Indianapolis, IN
34 Knight, Jack K5-111661Noblesville, IN
88 Koch, Dylan TE6-42664Plainfield, IL
36 Kurth, Jackson RB5-102001Valparaiso, IN
21 Lantz, Jackson WR6-21931Fishers, IN
28 Lee, Malcolm S6-11833Mobile, AL
46 Lewis, Jacob K6-22071Delaware, OH
81 Lezon, Ryan TE6-12141Indianapolis, IN
16 Littles, Hassan WR5-101824Lithonia, GA
63 Lorincz, Tommy OL6-52871Avon, OH
73 Lyons, Patrick OL6-22931Indianapolis, IN
13 Magwood, Qian WR5-111741Hilltop, OH
20 Marcus, Donny RB5-101801Brownsburg, IN
7 Martin, Brandon LB6-02324Indianapolis, IN
76 Martin, Luke OL6-33072Noblesville, IN
78 McBride, Julian DL6-22701Cape Girardeau, MO
44 McCracken, Jack TE6-32332Cincinnati, OH
11 McCulley, Derin CB6-01701Indianapolis, IN
0 McGaughy, Jalen WR6-22171Detroit, MI
71 Meeder, Kevin OL6-53001Portersville, PA
26 Merriweather, Ethan CB6-01823Carmel, IN
93 Mims, Kyron DL6-32931Baton Rouge, LA
99 Moreland, Solvauhn DL6-33151Aliquippa, PA
87 Murray, Caleb TE6-52552Prospect, KY
18 Murray, Demetrius S6-11893Lawrenceville, GA
56 Newson, Keionte LB6-21901Murfreesboro, TN
31 Nibbs, Tyreese P6-21811Indianapolis, IN
12 Nondorf, Mark QB6-32081Indianapolis, IN
43 Obermeier, Wes TE6-52472Fort Branch, IN
5 Paddock, John QB5-111962Bloomfield Hills, MI
40 Pearce, Cole LB6-12222Mason, OH
39 Pedraza, Nate LB6-22391Rolling Meadows, IL
22 Perry, Kyrin RB5-91861Oswego, IL
21 Phillips, Antonio CB6-01914St. Louis, MO
65 Phillips, Matt OL6-13031Clarksville, OH
9 Plitt, Drew QB6-22174Loveland, OH
57 Porter, Aaron OL6-43311Independence, MO
15 Potts, Tyler CB5-101822Columbus, OH
67 Ramsey, Justen DL5-112982Merrillville, IN
57 Reichert, Nathan DL6-32611Lewistown, OH
61 Rodgers, Javon OL6-12531Indianapolis, IN
8 Rudy, Cody FB5-112904Middletown, IN
94 Sape, Jack DL6-42922Bloomfield Hills, MI
50 Schmidt, Seth OL6-52921Wilmington, OH
14 Schott, Eddie QB6-42191Indianapolis, IN
91 Schott, Tony LB6-12232Indianapolis, IN
49 Seiler, Dylan LS6-02401Delaware, OH
77 Slaven, Kaleb OL6-42844Muncie, IN
24 Smith, Gerald CB5-101923Harrison, OH
38 Snyder, Nathan P6-42254Marysville, OH
10 Stewart, Ben S5-102083Indianapolis, IN
75 Stewart, Corey OL6-63221Nashville, TN
90 Tarango, Joshua DL6-22892Anaheim Hills, CA
25 Tate, Dean WR5-81682Indianapolis, IN
6 Thomas, Jaylin LB6-12354Lima, OH
38 Thomas, Jerwuan CB5-101751Huntsville, AL
72 Todd, Anthony OL6-33044Yorktown, IN
53 Turner, Jaylen OL6-33212Indianapolis, IN
6 Tyler, Yo'Heinz WR6-32043New Orleans, LA
33 Tyson, Davion LB6-32082Delphos, OH
3 Uzodinma II, Amechi CB5-111893Orlando, FL
14 Wahee, J.T. S6-01844Norfolk, VA
52 Woodard, Tavion DL6-42591West Lafayette, IN