DK Metcalf Delivers Over $22.2 in Combined DFS Profit... Carson Wentz Crushes DFS Owners

There were 26 player on both FanDuel and DraftKings whose actual FP translated to at least a $100 (positive or negative) in value. By delivering a +$11110 in profit on FanDuel and a +$9312 on DraftKings, DK Metcalf was the Daily Fantasy Most Valuable Player. Dalvin Cook was the second most valuable DFS player on both platforms delivering +$9528 in profit on FanDuel and +$5051 in profit on DraftKings. Our projected FanDuel value was right in this case. We gave Dalvin Cook a good value rating on Sportsline. Carson Wentz was the biggest DFS bust with a value of -$9591 on DK and -$12981 on FD.

DK Metcalf $6.1K14.312.625.5+$9312
Dalvin Cook $7.8K18.420.226.5+$5051
Adam Thielen $6.2K14.614.314.7+$3496
Kyle Rudolph $3.5K7.48.111.1+$3016
Russell Wilson $6.8K20.119.721.5+$2331
Dallas Goedert $5.2K1113.610.8+$1761
Alvin Kamara $7.4K17.519.715.5+$1070
Carson Wentz $6.2K18.318.60.12-$9591
Stefon Diggs $6.6K15.515.83.7-$5705
Travis Homer $5.3K12.511.82.2-$5172
Drew Brees $6.6K19.519.89.82-$5099
Latavius Murray $5K11.810.33-$4382
Michael Thomas $9.3K21.92410.5-$4144
Alexander Mattison $4.8K11.31.93.5-$3865
Tyler Lockett $7.2K16.9158.2-$3549
Greg Ward $5.2K12.211.74.2-$3438
Zach Ertz $6K12.69.15.4-$3290
DK Metcalf $6.2K10.51025.5+$11110
Dalvin Cook $8K13.716.826.5+$9528
Kyle Rudolph $5K5.66.511.1+$4070
Adam Thielen $6.2K10.511.314.7+$3089
Dallas Goedert $6.7K7.510.410.8+$2428
Russell Wilson $7.9K18.718.721.5+$2079
Alvin Kamara $8.2K1415.815.5+$1106
Jared Cook $6.5K7.39.77.9+$438
Carson Wentz $7.9K17.617.60.1-$12981
Drew Brees $8.5K18.818.89.8-$6669
Stefon Diggs $7.3K12.412.33.7-$6468
Travis Homer $6.1K10.49.82.2-$6104
Latavius Murray $5.7K9.793-$5005
Olabisi Johnson $5.2K8.84.72.7-$4560
Ted Ginn $4.9K8.35.42.3-$4478
Alexander Mattison $5.2K8.91.83.5-$3995
Greg Ward $5.6K9.58.84.2-$3951
Boston Scott $6.6K11.310.96.3-$3698