Mike White is Only a Consideration in Very Deep Leagues


Mike White is not an option you should consider picking up unless the league is very deep. If you are in a desperate situation, the numbers below may still apply to you. In the latest projections, he is the #60 fantasy quarterback with 0.2 total fantasy points. If you are a White owner, be aware that he is projected to significantly underperform vs expectations in the first half of the season with a projected rank through Week 8 of #64. During the playoff push weeks (9 to 12) he is also projected to be the #60 quarterback. In our extended projection during the fantasy playoffs (weeks 13 to 16), owners can expect production in line with the overall season expectation. White is projected for 0 fantasy points (#60 ranked QB) in the playoffs.

Week-By-Week Projection

Most fantasy players have roughly 30% of their weekly projections deviate significantly from their season average, but he is projected to be more stable and consistent than most.