NFL Super Bowl Futures: Saints #1 Based on Odds, but Chiefs #1 Based on Simulation

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Below are the latest NFL Futures for winning the Super Bowl. At the top, the Chiefs have a 2 percentage point lead over the Saints even though the Saints have a large lead based on the odds. At 7/4 the Saints have a 36.4% chance of winning while the Chiefs are at 26.7% based on their 11/4 odds. The Patriots and Rams are both road underdogs in the Championship game and have the same 7/2 odds. The Patriots are the better value of these two teams.

Kansas City Chiefs11/426.7%32.4%UP
New Orleans Saints7/436.4%30.0%UP
New England Patriots7/222.2%19.8%--
Los Angeles Rams7/222.2%17.8%DOWN