Patrick Mahomes Was the Most Valuable Fantasy Player in the League


Patrick Mahomes was not only the number one fantasy QB he was the most valuable fantasy player in the league. His fantasy production did not rise or fall significantly as the season went on. If you break up his season into 3 equal segments (start, middle, end) his average started at 31.8 FPs, ended at 31.9 FPs, and was 33.3 FPs in between. His fantasy production is stable and he is not as volatile as most players based on a below average standard deviation. He averaged 32.3 FPs, but on any given day his projected ceiling is as high as 51 fantasy points with a floor of 16 points.

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He was the #1 ranked fantasy QB based on total fantasy points. He averaged 32.3 FP per game (#1 ranked based on average). He is relatively weaker than stronger in more categories. The strengths are bolded below.

Stats (17 Games)527405/615, 65.9%538150132822
QB Rank#15#17#25#10#25#17#21
Average Stats3123.8/36.2, 65.9%3172.90.816.60.1
QB Rank (Averages)#1#17#1#1#27#20#22
Stats (16 Games)517383/580, 66%509750122722
QB Rank#1#19#2#1#28#11#10
Average Stats32.323.9/36.2, 66%3193.10.8170.1
QB Rank (Averages)#1#19#2#1#21#16#19
Stats (1 Game)1022/35, 62.9%28401100
QB Rank#55#20#49#74#1#47#74

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He has averaged 32.3 fantasy points per week and had 6 weeks where he came up short (below 20% of average) and had 4 weeks where he was +20% above average.

WeekFantasy Points (GP)Good WeekBad Week
ALL32.3 FP per Week46
Week 136.3 (1 games)
Week 250.8 (1 games)+18.5
Week 331.3 (1 games)
Week 424.9 (1 games)-7.5
Week 515.8 (1 games)-16.5
Week 635 (1 games)
Week 740.8 (1 games)+8.5
Week 834 (1 games)
Week 932.8 (1 games)
Week 1024.1 (1 games)-8.3
Week 1147.9 (1 games)+15.6
Week 1341 (1 games)+8.7
Week 1424.8 (1 games)-7.5
Week 1522 (1 games)-10.3
Week 1634.2 (1 games)
Week 1721.3 (1 games)-11


His FanDuel average was 27.4 points and on DraftKings it was 29.4 per game. We used his second highest game as his ceiling and second lowest as his floor. On DraftKings his floor was 18 and on FanDuel it was 17.8 fantasy points. He had a relatively high ceiling. On DraftKings it was 41.8 and on FanDuel it was 38.8 FPs. He has had an equal number of good (20% above average) and bad games (20% below) on FanDuel, and an equal number of good and bad games on DraftKings. We are only including games where they were in the daily fantasy slate and played.

GameFD Pts (Sal)Good or BadDK Pts (Sal)Good or Bad
All27.4 ($8.9K)4 G, 4 B29.4 ($6.9K)3 G, 3 B
12/30 OAK18.3--18.3--
12/23 @SEA28.2 ($9.3K)--28.2 ($6.9K)--
12/13 LAC18 ($9.3K)-9.418 ($6.9K)-11.4
12/9 BAL21.8 ($9.3K)-5.624.8 ($7K)--
12/2 @OAK33 ($9.5K)+5.633 ($7.6K)--
11/19 @LAR38.9 ($9.8K)+11.541.9 ($7.1K)+12.5
11/11 ARI20.1 ($9.8K)-7.320.1 ($7.2K)-9.3
11/4 @CLE27.8 ($9.5K)--30.8 ($7.1K)--
10/28 DEN27 ($9.2K)--30 ($7K)--
10/21 CIN33.8 ($8.6K)+6.436.8 ($7.1K)+7.4
10/14 @NE29 ($8.6K)--32 ($6.9K)--
10/7 JAC17.8 ($8.6K)-9.620.8 ($6.2K)-8.6
10/1 @DEN22.9 ($8.9K)--25.9 ($6.8K)--
9/23 SF25.3 ($8.9K)--28.3 ($7K)--
9/16 @PIT38.8 ($7.5K)+11.441.8 ($6.1K)+12.4
9/9 @LAC28.3 ($6.7K)--28.3 ($6K)--