Is Quick Worth More than Lundqvist in Fantasy?


Ranking by ownership percentage (75%), Jonathan Quick is expected to be the #16 goalie for the rest of the season. Jonathan Quick's market rank is better than our current projections indicate. His fantasy goalie projection rank is #20. He is projected for more FPs than Henrik Lundqvist who has virtually the same market rank (75% Owned) as Quick. He is projected for 125 fantasy points in 28 remaining games. He has a lower rank (#50) based on projected fantasy average. The market ranks Jonathan Quick behind Rittich and above Lundqvist and the projections agree.

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Lower Own%J. Quick ROSHigher Own%
R. Lehner (134 FP)125 FPC. Price (117 FP)
S. Varlamov (152 FP)#16 GoalieJ. Gibson (125 FP)
R. Luongo (130 FP) 
J. Markstrom (139 FP) 
M. Blackwood (141 FP) 
Projected StatRelative StrengthOverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
125 (#20) 
10 (#23) 
16 (#60)
750 (#13) 
Goals Allowed 
80 (#49)
90.4 (#31)

He is projected for more wins as than you would expect based on his save percentage rank.


If you are in a league that allows for substitutions during the week Jonathan Quick is a bad value the rest of the week. He has a market rank of #16 while his projection (rest of week 16) rank is #34. When compared to other goalies in week 17 instead of Quick consider these better options at lower start percentages: Semyon Varlamov (10.4 FP), Anders Nilsson (5.7 FP), Jacob Markstrom (6.6 FP), Calvin Pickard (5.4 FP), and Jordan Binnington (11.7 FP). Starting in 48% of leagues he is expected to produce 4.9 fantasy points (WK 17). Week 17 market expectations match his projection. He is expected to be the #17 goalie (projected to be #16).

Lower Start%J. Quick WK 17Higher Start%
S. Varlamov (10 FP)5 FPF. Andersen (5 FP)
A. Nilsson (6 FP)#17 Goalie 
J. Markstrom (7 FP) 
C. Pickard (5 FP) 
J. Binnington (12 FP) 

He is projected for 5.23 fantasy points in week 17 (#16 G) in 1 1 game.

Projected StatRelative StrengthWK OverallRelative Weakness
Fantasy Points 
5.23 (#16) 
0.41 (#17) 
0.55 (#38)
27.92 (#9) 
Goals Allowed 
2.65 (#27)
91.3 (#9) 

  • Based on 1/18 start percentages, Jonathan Quick is valued behind Lehner and above Markstrom but the projections rank Markstrom over Jonathan Quick in week 17.
  • Jonathan Quick last five game log with fantasy points (CBS, FD, DK) and statline.

    1/5 vs EDM11 FP, 33 FD, 8 DK16 SV, 0 GA, Win
    1/5 vs EDM11 FP, 33 FD, 8 DK16 SV, 0 GA, Win
    1/5 vs EDM11 FP, 33 FD, 8 DK16 SV, 0 GA, Win
    1/5 vs EDM11 FP, 33 FD, 8 DK16 SV, 0 GA, Win

    Quick is not in the 1/18 DFS player pool, but one player who is in the Sportsline FanDuel optimal lineup is Garret Sparks, and Roberto Luongo is in the DraftKings optimal lineup.


    • 40 SV, 2 GA, 95.2%
    • FanDuel: $8200, 24 FPs (+$3808 value, +7.6 FPs)
    • DraftKings: $7100, 6 FPs (+$2812 value, +1.7 FPs)